Thursday, February 6, 2014

35 Italian Recipes For Your Slow Cooker by Pamela Kazmierczak

Pamela Kazmierczak is a prolific cookbook writer.  This e-book from her collection offers 35 Italian Recipes For Your Slow Cooker, with the subtitle Fabulous Italian Meals and Italian Cuisine.  The book is the first volume in her The Slow Cooker Meals And Crock Pot Recipes Collection.  It is roughly 79 pages long.

The writer reinterprets traditional Italian dishes for the slow cooker/crock pot.  I think the soups and stews work the best.  I doubt, however, that the pasta holds up well after 5 hours of slow cooking, except, perhaps, for the lasagna.  But when the slow cooker is used to make a meat sauce/ragu for pasta that is cooked just before serving, the recipes sound perfect!

In the book's prologue, the author explains her reasons for collecting together these recipes:
I understand that it can be difficult to find great meals that everyone will enjoy that are quick and easy to prepare.  Using a slow cooker can greatly cut down on your prep time.  This is the perfect book for someone who wants to enjoy Italian cuisine whenever they want, even when they will be away from the home during the day.

I think the recipes in the book are interesting takes on some classics, making them more accessible to a wider audience.  The ingredients refer to things easily found in most supermarkets, so no special shopping is required.  The risotto recipes use the slow cooker like a rice cooker.  The beans and soups are perfect for the slow cooker, adding flavor to the dish through the slow cooking. Just like nonna cooking the dish throughout the day.

The traditionalist might be surprised, or horrified, but for busy people who love Italian flavors and Italian classics, this might be a good solution when there is just not enough time in a day.  The ingredients and measurement are intended for cooks from the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand.

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