Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Cooking with Nonna by Rossella Rago

Some of you may know Rossella Rago from her on-line/social-media cooking videos in which she cooks alongside an Italian or Italian-American grandmother (nonna). This book is an accompaniment to that series, featuring 100+ of the basic Italian and Italian-American recipes she's gleaned from various grandmothers who have been featured on her show.

The recipes cover meals from appetizers to desserts, with step by step instructions on how to make the dish, preparation times, cooking times and yields. Photos illustrate many important techniques, and show many of the finished dishes.

A few of the dishes may challenge experienced cooks, but this is really a basic to intermediate book. I expect that the sequel will feature advanced dishes. Each recipe is prefaced by a short and entertaining introduction by the author.

The filtered images take on a nostalgic feel, which is intentional, and helps to blend the down-to-earth grandmothers with Rossella's at times too-Hollywood style. The author hopes to create nostalgia for the traditional Sunday dinners she grew up with.

If you didn't grow up with that tradition, the stories from the various grandmothers may inspire you to create the tradition for your own family. The one page life stories about each grandmother are fascinating slices of immigrant life, in which home-cooked meals equate directly with love. One grandmother insists:
You've got love the food like you love your boyfriend.

From the book's description:
Now you can cook classic Italian meals with the long-awaited debut cookbook from the popular web TV series Cooking with Nonna!
For Rossella Rago, creator and host of Cooking with Nonna TV, Italian cooking was never just about the amazing food or Sunday dinner. It was also about family, community, and tradition. Rossella grew up cooking with her Nonna Romana every Sunday and on holidays, learning the traditional recipes of the Italian region of Puglia, like focaccia, braciole, zucchine alla poverella, and pizza rustica. And in her popular web TV series, Rossella invites Italian-American grandmothers (the unsung heroes of the culinary world) to cook with her, learning the classic dishes and flavors of each region of Italy and sharing them with eager fans all over the world.
Now you can take a culinary journey through Italy with Rossella and her debut cookbook, Cooking with Nonna, featuring over 100 classic Italian recipes, along with advice and stories from 25 beloved Italian grandmothers. Learn to make fresh homemade pasta, handcrafted Spaghetti with Meatballs, and decadent Four-Cheese Lasagna that will have everyone coming back for seconds! With easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and mouthwatering photos, Cooking with Nonna covers appetizers, soups, salads, pasta, meats, breads, cookies, and desserts, and features favorites such as Sicilian Rice Balls, Fried Calamari, Stuffed Artichokes, Orecchiette with Broccoli Rabe, Veal Stew in a Polenta Bowl, Struffoli, Ricotta Cookies, and more! So if you are ready to bring back Sunday dinner and learn how to make Italian food just like nonna, then look no further!

Here is a direct link to the book at Amazon.com:

Visit Rossella's website or YouTubeChannel to view the videos of her cooking with Italian grandmothers.

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