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The Novice by Mirella Sichirollo Patzer

Naples, Italy, in the middle ages (the year 915):  a dukedom, a walled city, threatened by coastal raids by North Africans, and the church is the only Europe-wide authority.  Sara begins her story in a convent, a place she abhors, as a novice, someone who joins a religious order but who has not yet taken the final vows of commitment to the order. 

By the end of The Novice, Sara understands and relies on the sanctuary convents offered women in the misogynistic middle ages.  She returns more than once to the nuns' protection when things get unbearable for her.

Sara's story begins with swashbuckling adventure and real danger.  Saracen, North African, raiders attack the convent.
...the walls of a convent could not protect them against the vile Saracens who burned homes, martyred children, and sacked and fired towns.
Escaping just in time, Sara enjoys her new-found freedom.  Convent life was not for her.
She was determined to live life to its fullest and revel in the glories of joy, love, security and freedom.

Things don't go exactly as Sara hopes they will.  For the first half of The Novice, Sara experiences high romance, adventure, danger, excitement, and chivalry from the classic hero.  Nicolo is gorgeous, brave, noble, and he even has a cleft in his manly chin.
...she felt safe with Nicolo, and feared nothing.
The second half of the story turns darker, with Sara suffering at the hands of a sadistic cad.
Sara loved Nicolo's quiet affection far more than the yearning and lust she saw on Umberto's face.

The author has a lovely style of writing; it is literary without being ponderous.  She evokes the era with her descriptions.  The politics of the time is introduced into the story naturally, never overwhelming the reader.  The narration is omniscient at times, and 3rd person limited at times, alternating the mind into which we get to see. 

Mrs. Radcliffe brought the medieval (Gothic) romantic fiction genre to the public in the late 1700s, entrancing readers with historical romance laced with gothic and melodramatic touches.  Her bestselling books, such as A Sicilian Romance and The Mysteries of Udolfo, are now in the public domain, and available as free e-books. The books favor the picaresque style, where the reader follows the heroine on her long sequence of adventures and misadventures, ending with romance.   

The author of The Novice writes a slightly more modern version of the genre, one that includes some vulgarities, and in the case of The Novice, two explicit rape scenes (I could have done without them, to be honest).  But the picaresque style remains, along with the melodramatic and Gothic elements.

This Indie writer works hard to produce quality work and to present it to the reader with beautiful covers.  The Novice is romantic, swashbuckling, escapist fare in which one can get immersed, blocking out the real world for a while.  The reader might even come away from the story thinking that things really aren't so bad for us today, after all.  The Novice is great stuff for fans of this old yet still entertaining genre.

From the book's description:
A young woman on the verge of taking her vows to become a nun.
A desperate flight from a murderous massacre.
One honorable man comes to her rescue.
Another becomes her nemesis and captor.
And a life and death search to reunite with her one true love.

In 10th century Naples, Saracens run rampant, annihilating villages, murdering women and children. Death and despair is everywhere.  Alone in the world, Sara is a young novice plagued with doubts about taking her final vows to become a nun.  When her convent is attacked, she flees for her life straight into the arms of a group of Saracens who leave her to die alone in the woods.
An honorable cavaliere named Nicolo comes to her rescue and offers to take her to the safety of Naples.  As they journey together, they are irresistibly drawn to each other.  Believing Sara to be a nun, the honorable Nicolo is torn between love and duty to respect her vows.
Heartbroken, he does what honor demands and sets her free before she can tell him the truth that she is not a nun.  In her search to reunite with Nicolo, she encounters Umberto, a dark and dangerous man who will stop at nothing in his obsession to possess her.  With her sharp intellect, and her heart, Sara must rely on her own courage and strength to escape her abuser and find the only man she will ever love.
A story that burns with intensity, intrigue, and passion from the author of the highly successful novel, The Orphan of the Olive Tree.

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The Novice e-book is also available via Smashwords, the big on-line e-book seller that offers e-books in various format for instant download.

Please visit the author's website and blog, and her historical novel review site.

If you wish to know more about Mrs. Radcliffe, and read some of her Italy-based books, please visit my page about her on my Candida Martinelli's Italophile Site.


This review is by Candida Martinelli, of Candida Martinelli's Italophile Site, and the author of the cozy-murder-mystery novel AN EXTRA VIRGIN PRESSING MURDER, and the young-adult/adult mystery novel series THE VIOLET STRANGE MYSTERIES the first book of which is VIOLET'S PROBLEM.

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